Bermondsey, London

as it relates to the Lee family history.

The Weston Street district (St. Paul's, Bermondsey).

This brief history is intended as a background to the Dungate & Lee family history. It therefore concentrates on items considered relevant, and should not be regarded as a comprehensive history of the town or district.

The parish of St. Paul in Bermondsey is just south of London Bridge railway station, with Weston Street running through the middle. In the 1890s, it was the centre of many industries, including a vinegar distillery, a hat-maker, tanneries and a leather market. It was also close to the Thames wharves between London Bridge and the Pool of London. Tower Bridge was under construction, and was completed in 1894.

  The parish of St Paul, Bermondsey. Weston Street runs roughly north-south near the centre of the map. Weston Place is the narrow road running parallel with part of Weston Street, between it and Long Lane.  

A review of the 1891 census for the 32 dwellings in Weston Place, the first 5 dwellings in Valentine Place and the first 3 in Manning Street shows a total of 290 inhabitants, 135 male and 155 female. A majority were in family units with parents and offspring, and many with lodgers. The occupations listed are varied, and represent the local industries mentioned above, as well as tradesmen and other services, and of course scholars and infants. Examples of the occupations are listed below.

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