Jim Baker

Born 12.3. 1911 at Grisbrook Farm, Lydd .
Full Name James Baker  
Father George Baker Mother Matilda Baker (m.s.Richardson)
Christened . . at .
Married . 1938? to Freda Fagg at Lydd
Died 16.12. 1990 at Ashford Hospital. Kent age 79

Jim joined Ellis bros. in New Romney as an apprentice Carpenter. He built his own house at Byways, Station Road, Lydd (now Dungeness Road). Jim joined the army during the 39-45 war and took part in the battle for N.W. Europe as part of a 25 pounder field gun crew. After the war he re-joined Ellis Bros.for a while, then became a self-employed builder. He owned a succession of vans for his trade, the first being an ex-army ambulance.

Jim's second love was Dungeness and the fishing community there, to which he was related through his mother Tillie Richardson. He was often to be found at Dungeness lug-digging, fishing or shrimping. His cousin Albert Richardson had a commercial fishing boat there and provided a source of fresh fish for the table to supplement Jim's own fishing activities.

Jim and his ex-army ambulance outside Vulcan Cottages, Lydd. Jim at his second home - on the beach at Dungeness.


. Jim's childhood home Grisbrook Farm, Lydd in 1980. .

In 1985 Jim was found to have cancer of the colon, which was successfully operated on in Ashford hospital.

. With Jim and gt nephew James, Ashford hospital, 1986. With James at Byeways, summer 1987.

Jim died on 16th December 1990 after a short illness.

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