The Children of Oswald & Margaret Cattley

Margaret Rhoda CATTLEY    
Born: 20 Nov 1874 at: St. Petersburg .
Died: 11 Sep 1875 at: St. Petersburg

Bernard Law CATTLEY    
Born: 12 Apr 1876 at: St. Petersburg .
Died: 10 Apr 1928 at: Suffolk (d.s.p.)
Served in S.A. war as Leiut. in Roberts' Horse. Later became invalid, lived at Greenaway Farm, near Walpole.

Oswald Vincent CATTLEY    
Born: 12 Jul 1877 at: St. Petersburg .
Died: 26 Aug 1877 at:  

Patrick Oswald CATTLEY    
Born: 7 Apr 1879 at: St. Petersburg .
Married: 29 May 1912 at: St Petersburg
Died: 1967 at: Hastings
Spouse: Nina BASMANOFF
Educated at Repton. Mining Engineer. Merchant for coal-mining companies in Siberia and Manchuria. On retirement resided in London.

Lt. Patrick Cattley of the Inns of Court OTC. Fleet, 1918

Evelyn Mary CATTLEY    
Born: 2 Mar 1881 at: Cottingham, Yorkshire.
Married: 17 July 1907 at: Ealing
Died:   at:  
Spouses: Frederick (Feodor) ROMANOFF, Son of Feodor K. Romanoff
Married in St Saviour's Church Ealing with a following service at the Russian Church 32 Welbeck Street, Ealing.

Evie, Ealing, 1921.

Evie, Worthing, 1923.

Norah Isobel CATTLEY    
Born: 3 Oct 1883 at:  
Married: 22 Sep 1923 at:  
Died:   at:  
Spouse: Rees Hancorne Morgan "Billy" FRANKS, Son of W.A. Franks, Indian Army

Norah at Niagra Falls, during a visit to her brother Stephen in Ogdensburg, 1920

Stephen James CATTLEY    
Born: 9 Feb 1885 at: St. Petersburg .
Married:   at:  
Died: 1951 at: USA
Spouses: Madeline, Beryl
Went to Chicago, U.S.A. Naturalised American. He was an Ophthalmologist and lived at Ogdensburg near the Canadian border. Commissioned Captain R.A.M.C., British Army, July 1918. Ophthalmologist, 53rd Station Hospital, Archangel Front, North Russia. Later C.O. British Hospital and Medical Officer to the troops in Bereznik, N. Russia. Discharged October 1919. Twice married; no issue.

Captain Stephen J. Cattley, RAMC, in 1918

Dr Stephen J. Cattley playing a round at home in Ogdensburg, N.Y. state.

Mark Oswald CATTLEY    
Born: 6 Oct 1887 at: St. Petersburg . ?8th Oct
Married: 9 Aug 1910 at:  
Died: 24 Nov 1958 at: St Saviour's Church, Ealing
Spouse: Violet Wallwyn JAMES
Educated at Repton. To Santos, Brazil, coffee export trade.

Dorothy Isabel "Dollie" CATTLEY    
Born: 4 Feb 1891 at: St. Petersburg .
Married: 4 Jan 1913 at: Earl's Court
Died: 11 May 1941 at: 1-3 Clarges Street, London (killed in Blitz)
Spouses: John Berkley de G. FONBLANQUE , Capt. (retd) Allan Charles Malcolm LESLIE

Dolly on the beach at Littlehampton, summer 1919.

Elsie Margaret CATTLEY    
Born: 28 Oct 1892 at: St. Petersburg .
Married: 14 Feb 1914


Died:   at:  
Spouse: Neville Ross FULLER , Son of Major W. Ross Fuller

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