Samuel & Millicent Wiltshire's Family

Samuel Wiltshire married Millicent Simpson, probably in the late 1880s. They had at least four children

Winifred Wiltshire Born 1890

Winifred married Dudley Buxton, an artist and director of some early animated films (c1915). In 1911 they had a daughter Iris, known throughout her life as Codge. In the late 1920s, Dudley drifted away from Winifred into a bohemian lifestyle, living in a ramshackle studio with another artist.

Phillip Wiltshire Born 1892, Ealing

Phillip has his own page.

Herbert Wiltshire Born ??

Herbert was a railway guard. He was leaning out of the window of a train between Ealing and London when he was struck by another train and killed. This occurred during the war so blackout conditions may ahve been a contributary cause of the accident.

Stanley Wiltshire Born ??

Stanley was killed in the 1914-18 war.

Sources: Census 1901; surviving relative (Vera D);

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