Tom & Charlotte Browning's Family

Tom and Charlotte were married in 1883 in Canterbury. Tom was a journeyman cooper, making barrels for a brewery. In 1893, they lived at 17 York Road, St Mildreds, Canterbury, and later they moved with their family to live in Lydd.

Charlotte in her later years. Alice in 1914. Bert in about 1918
Tom wearing his cooper's hat.
Albert Clark, Edie's husband, in the 1930s. Edie with Minnie's husband George.
Alice at the christening of Min's son Bill, 1911.
Nin with her husband Les Grant. Sisters Minnie and Nin in the 1950s. Minnie with her first two children in about 1915. Lil in about 1920.

Alice Browning Born 1884?

Alice was married to Dick Holwell, a policeman.

Edward J Browning Born 1884/5

Ted was married to Annie Hambley. After serving in the army, he was employed as a postman in Lydd. They had two children, Bessie and Alfred.

Alfred J Browning Born 1886/7

Alf was married to Maud and they lived in Gillingham. They had no children.

Rachel Browning (Nin) Born 1887/8

Rachel was born about 1890, and for some reason was nick-named Nin, a name which stayed with her throughout her life. She married a Scot named Drummond, who was killed in the war. She later married Les Grant, a retired army officer, who also originated from Scotland, and they lived fairly comfortably. Les later became a church sexton in Lydd. ("He was perhaps too heavy on the communion wine to have made churchwarden but he was a likeable character.")

In later years, Nin continued to live in Lydd until she died in the 1950s.

Edith M Browning (Edie) Born 1890/1

Edith was married to Albert Clark. He was badly gassed in the war, and after the war they took a small holding, where he gradually recovered his health. They then kept pubs in Deal for many years before retiring to Suffolk where Albert had originated.

Minnie Browning Born 23.9.1893, Canterbury

Minnie married George Fagg, a soldier, and they lived in Lydd. They had five children; William, Freda, Charlie, Wally, and Rita. Minnie has her own page.

Charles E Browning Born 1894/5

Charles is shown in the 1901 census, but so far has not appeared in any other source.

Albert Browning (Bert) Born ??

Bert served in the army during the 1914-1918 war. He married Violet and they lived in Lydd. They had three children; Cyril, Elsie and Dorothy. Cyril was in a Guards regiment, and was killed in the second world war. Bert was in the Lydd volunteer fire brigade during and for a time after the war. I have not yet found Albert in the 1901 census.

Reginald F E Browning Born 1897/8

Reg was married to Susan Wright, and they lived in Lydd. They had seven children; Reggie, John (died as a child), Leslie (known as Hector), Connie, Lillie, Tony and Bill. Reg has his own page.

Lilian Browning (Lil) Born 17.11.1901

Lil was born in 1901. She married Fred Burton, a butcher, and for many years they ran a grocery shop in Lydd, in Coronation Square. They had one son, Alan. On retirement they moved to Kennington, then to Eastbourne, where Lil died on the 8th May 1988. Lil has her own page.

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