Patrick Cattley

Born 7.4. 1879 at St Petersburg, Russia Certificate
Full Name Patrick Oswald Cattley .
Father Oswald James Cattley Mother Margaret Sophia Cattley (ms Handyside)
Christened . . at .
Married 29.5. 1912 to Nina Basmanoff at St Petersburg Certificate
Children 1913 Daisy .
. 1916 Peter .
. 1918 Sylvia .
Died 30.6. 1967 at . St Helens Hospital, Hastings, Sussex Certificate

Patrick Cattley was born in 1879 at St Petersburg, Russia, to Oswald and Margaret Cattley. His father was a mine manager living and working in Russia [2]. He was educated Repton, and became a Mining Engineer [2]. In 1912 he married Nina Basmanoff. In about 1920 he went to live in Harbin, Manchuria, where he was a merchant for coal-mining company [2],[3]. On retirement he lived in Bayswater, then Hastings [2].

. Lt. Patrick Cattley of the Inns of Court OTC. Fleet, 1918 .

Sources: Census [1]1881; [2]Erica Hills tree; [3]family papers

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