Born . 1986/87 at probably somewhere in South London Certificate
Full Name Badger .
Father not known Mother not known
Neutered before 1988 at a Blue Cross refuge?
Married . . to . at (not applicable) Certificate
Children . none known (see above)
Died 9.2. 2004 of Kidney failure Buried under the lilac bush Certificate

At some time in his early life, Badger entered a Blue Cross refuge, from where he was adopted by a friend of Wendy's as company for her existing cat. Unfortunately they did not get on, and Badger went to live with Wendy at her maisonette near Tooting. But Wendy didn't spend much time at home, so when the McKechnies said they were thinking of employing a cat, Badger was offered the post.

In September 1988 Badger was adopted by the McKechnie family. As well as (very) occasional mousing, Badger's main occupation was to look after the mental well-being of the family, soothing them, rubbing against them, and curling up on their laps to make them feel wanted. This he achieved with great skill throughout his career. He also excelled in child-management both inside and outside the family, joining in the most demeaning of anthropomorphism with resignation and even occasional signs of enthusiasm, and never allowing his self-preservation instincts to prevail.

Badger had many friendships during his life, including participating in feline singing with Lion-cub and other neighbourhood cats. His long hot-and-cold relationship with Martini sadly ended with her departure, and latterly she was rarely seen in his territory. He regularly met with members of the local fox and dog communities, who regarded him with a great deal of respect.

Badger in late 2001, aged about 15 years. . In typical garden pose, 2003.

Badger died peacefully on 9th February 2004 after a short illness, and was buried under the lilac bush. He is fondly remembered and sadly missed.

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