Margaret McKechnie

Born 25.3. 1885 10.45 am at 1 Belleville Street, Greenock Certificate
Full Name Margaret Peden .
Father John Peden Mother Jane Peden
Christened 19.6. 1885 at Wellpark Parish (William Wilson)
Married 6.11. 1917 to Dugald McKechnie at 8 Belville Street, Greenock Certificate
Children 1920 Nicol  
  1922 Jean  
  1925 John  
  1928 Agnes  
Died 3.3. 1968 at Dorchester .

Margaret with sister Lizzie and possibly Hessie in Ballymena, about 1900. Margaret, 1905-10? Margaret, 1910-15?

Margaret Peden was born at 1 Belville Street, Greenock in 1885, to John and Jane Peden. She spent some time in northern Ireland during her youth. By the early 1910s, she and her family were living at 8 Belville Street, and their mother had died so she was the 'mother' to her younger siblings. In 1917 she married Dugie McKechnie, and in 1920 their first child Nicol was born. In about 1928 they moved to 57 Wallace Street in the new Cowdenknowes housing development. She had three more children, Jean, John and Agnes, and once told her grandson that there was a fifth child who had died young.

Margaret with her first child Nicol, 1921. Margaret with her brother John, probably in the 1920s. With her first grandson in 1948.  

In 1947 her first grandchild, was born, to be followed by five more over the next 11 years. In 1966 her husband Dugie died, and soon afterwards she moved to Dorchester to live with her son Nicol. It was here that she died of a heart attack on 3rd March 1968.

With her sister Lizzie and her grandchildren Ian and Andrew. With grandson Alistair in about 1957. .

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