Colin Gardner

Born . 1826 . at . Certificate
Full Name Colin Gardner .
Father James Gardner Mother Jane Gardner (ms McKenzie)
Christened 19.3. 1826 at Kirknewton & East Calder, Midlothian (west of Edinburgh)
Married . 1852 to Margaret Allan at . Certificate
Children 1855/6 Colin b. Edinburgh
. 1859/60 Catherine Jane b. Edinburgh
. 1861/2 William b. Carlisle
. 1863/4 Robert b. Carlisle
. 1864/5 Margaret b. Glasgow
. 1865/6 Hugh b. Glasgow
. 1870/1 Janet Ann b. Carstairs
Died 11.11. 1879 at Stirling Royal Infirmary Railway accident, amputation of both limbs Certificate

Colin Gardner was born in about 1825 to James Gardner, a farm labourer, and his wife Jane[3]. In 1852 he married Margaret Allan from Leith[4,1]. During his career he worked as a railway Yardsman[3] in Edinburgh, Carlisle, Glasgow, Carstairs & Stirling[1]. This means he was probably with the Caledonian Railway, which served all of these towns. By 1879 he was living with his wife and children at 44 Broad Street, Stirling[3].

Colin was badly injured in a railway accident on 2nd November 1879, suffering internal injuries and the loss of both legs. He was taken to Stirling Royal Infirmary, where he died nine days later[3].

Sources: Census [1]1881; [3]GRO death record; [4]GRO index

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