Edward & Jane McQuat's Family

Edward McQuat and Jane McWhirter were married in 1865 in Kilhenzie, Maybole, Ayrshire. Edward was a shepherd.

Janet McQuat Born 21.7.1865, Straiton

Janet was known as Jessie. In 1881 at the age of 15 she was a dressmaker, and on census night was visiting her grandmother in Mill Street, Ayr. On 13th October 1891 she was married at Clawfin to James Stewart McNally, a "domestic coachman" of Kinnoul, Perthshire.

William McQuat Born 15.4.1867, Straiton

William has his own page.

Agnes McQuat Born 10.11.1868, Straiton

Agnes died at the age of 2 at her home, Knockskae, Straiton, at 4pm on 9th February 1871. She had been suffering for 5 days from scarlatina, a variety of scarlet fever.

Robert McQuat Born 2.10.1870, Straiton

Robert was a ploughman, and in 1901 was single and was working horses at Blackbyres, Maybole. In 1904, he married Maggie Brown at Ayr.

Robert died after 5 days illness on 19th June 1947, aged 76, in Ayr county hospital, of an "intestinal obstruction". He was described as a retired carter (foreman), and his home at the time was with his son Edward McQuat of 16 Danesbury Crescent, Erdington, Birmingham, who signed the death certificate.

Peter McQuat Born 15.7.1872, Straiton

In 1896. peter married Agnes Fenwick at Dunbarney, Perthshire. In 1901, he was living in Lochwinnoch with his wife and their children Edward and Alex, and was described as a Missionary.

Peter spent his last days in the Church of Scotland's Eastwoodhill "Eventide Home" at Giffnock, Glasgow, where he died on 11th March 1953 at the age of 80. He was described as a Minister of Religion, and the death certificate was signed by his son A.F. McQuat of 13 Glasgow Road, Kilmarnock.

Edward McQuat Born 24.10.1874, Straiton

Edward was born in 1874 at Straiton. In 1895, he married Agnes Howatson at Sorn, Ayrshire. In 1901 he was a carter with a building construction company, and lived in Kilmarnock with his wife and their two children Jane and Robert.

At some time Edward returned to farming, and in 1946 he was farming High Kylestone, by Ayr. In late 1946, he was taken in to Ayr county hospital, where he died aged 72 on 27th December 1946 of a carcinoma of the stomach. The death certificate was signed by his son Edward McQuat, of 14 Highthorn Crescent, West Kilbride.

Agnes McQuat Born 1876, Straiton

Agnes has her own page.

Jane McQuat Born 10.8.1878, Knockskae, Straiton

Jane was born in 1878 at Knockskae. In 1881 she was still with the family at Knockskae, and in  1891 they had moved to Clawfin at Dalmellington. She has not yet been found in the 1901 census, or in any marriage records..

In 1899, Jane was photographed at her sister's wedding. In about 1901, she was photographed with her mother and others outside Penbreck farm house, where her parents were living at that time.

Jane at the time of Agnes's wedding in 1899. Agnes at the time of her wedding in 1899, with her husband James Pettigrew. Agnes's two children, Jeannie and Elizabeth.

James McQuat Born 1881, Straiton

James was born at Knockskae, Straiton in July 1881. He died at the age of 5 days at 0.40 am on 21st July, "weak from birth".

Christina McQuat Born 1885/6 Dalmellington

In 1901, Christina was living at home with her parents at Penbreck farmstead.

In 1919, Christina married Charles Bett in St Andrews, Fife.

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