Samuel Peden

Born 19.12. 1897 8.03 am at 11 Belville Street, Greenock 564/01.0008
Full Name Samuel Peden  
Father John Peden Mother Jane Peden
Married ? 1926 to Margaret Wilson Cochran at East Greenock 564/01.0010
Children abt. 1928 Betty  
  abt. 1930 Jean  
Died ? ? at ? after 1939, before 1970.

Samuel Peden was living at 8 Belville Street when this postcard was written, probably in 1911. The text says "This is in my brother-in-law's parish. I hope Miss P. is keeping you all in order. With best wishes for Christmas from C. P. Grant." Miss P. would be one of Samuel's elder sisters Jeannie, Margaret or Lizzie, who would have been the women of the house with young siblings and a widower father.

In 1926, Samuel married Margaret Cochran, known to the family as 'Aunt Meg'. They had two daughters, Betty and Jean. At the time of his father's death in 1931, Samuel lived at 48 Lynedoch Street, Greenock.

'Uncle Sam' was mentioned in his nephew Nicol's diaries of 1938/39. He was survived by his wife Meg, who died about 1970.

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