George & Lucy Simpson's Family

George Simpson married Lucy Herridge, probably in the late 1840s. They had at least eight children

Hephzibah Simpson Born c1849

Hephzibah was married in about 1870 to Daniel Dicker. In 1881 they were living at Readons farm, Odiham with their three children Clara, Ellen and Albert.

Sources: Census 1881, 1901

Polly Simpson Born (date not known)

Polly's dughter married Stan Bishop and they had a daughter Joan, born c1914. Polly's great niece Vera remembers visiting them in the Wembley area (by open-top bus from Ealing) and regarding Joan, an accomplished musician, as someone to look up to. Sadly Joan died of Tuberculosis while in her 20s.

Sources: surviving family (V);

Fanny Simpson Born (date not known)

Married name Orford.

Kate Simpson Born 1860 or 61.

In 1881 Kate was a domestic servant to Henry Wesbrook, a licensed victualler in Wote Street, Basingstoke. Kate later went to live abroad, possibly to Egypt, where she may have been associated with someone named White as a companion or lady's maid.

Sources: Census 1881; surviving relatives (V);

George Simpson Born c1863

George has his own page.

Millicent Simpson Born 1864 or 65

Millicent has her own page.

Ellen Simpson Born 1870 or 71

"Aunt Nell". Married Ernest, and they lived at Alum Chine, Bournemouth. Their daughter married an Austrian and lived in Austria, and they had two children Hellie and Peggy. Nell's great niece Vera remembers as a child visiting while the Austrian children were staying there, and being amused by their Austrian accent ("I vant to go in the vauter").

Sources: Census 1881; surviving relatives (V);

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