Dudley Buxton

Born . 27.11. 1884 at Upper Holloway Certificate
Full Name Dudley Graham Buxton .
Father W. Graham Buxton Mother Kate Buxton (ms Shepard)
Christened . . at .
Married . . to Winifred Wiltshire at . Certificate
Children 1911 Iris Graham .
Died .   at   . Certificate

Dudley was born on 27th November 1884 at 27 Dalmeny Road, Upper Holloway, the first child of William and Kate Buxton. In 1908, Dudley was courting Winifred Wiltshire, and several hand-drawn comic postcards to her have survived. Towards the end of 1909, Dudley and Winifred were married at Brentford[4], and in 1911 they had a daughter Iris, known from an early age and throughout her life as Codge.

Dudley Buxton directed several early silent animated cartoon films, including "Ever Been Had" (1917), "Phillip Philm Phables" (1920), "Running a Cinema (The Memoirs of Miffy)" (1921), and "Bucky's Burlesques" (1922). He also used Miffy as the main character in his comic strip for the Glasgow Evening News. In 1924 and 1925 he wrote and directed the "Pongo the Pup" series as an answer to the American "Felix the Cat" of 1922.

Dudley was also well known for his comic postcards, several examples of which are shown below.

. I'm getting round a Food Hoarder! "I'm in the Granny-Dears!"

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