Jack Fagg

Born ??.??. 1874 . at Womenswold Certificate
Full Name John Fagg  
Father James Fagg Mother Maria Fagg (m.s. Cart)
Christened 19.4. 1874 at Womenswold
Married ??.??. ???? to Mary Woodland at .
Children . Harold eldest
  . Nellie original owner of James' violin
  . Mary b.6.12.??
  . Lou  
  . Jack  
  . Elsie  
Died ??.??. ?? at .  

Jack married Mary Woodland, whose father kept the Black Horse inn near Hawkinge. is daughter Nellie was an competent violin player. When she died, her violin passed to her sister Mary who by then lived in Solihull, Birmingham. Mary did not play, and passed it on to her cousin Rita's husband Nicol, who used it for many years. On Nicol's death, it

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