Jane Kerr

Born ? ? 1827 at Ireland Certificate
Full Name Jane Kerr Union on marriage
Father James Kerr Mother Ellen Kerr (ms Kerr)
Christened ? ? at ??
Married ? ? to William Union at ? Certificate
Children 1847 William m. Ellen. Children William, Ellen, John. At 3 Crescent St in 1881.
  1849 Mary Ann died 1865 aged 15
  1852 John m. Margaret. Same close as sister Jane in 1881.
  1857 Helen died 1857
  1857 James died 1857
  1858 Eliza died 1859
  1858 George died 1858
  1860 Jane  
Died 28.5. 1882 at 3 Crescent Street, Greenock   Certificate-+

Jane Kerr was born in Ireland to James and Ellen (or Helen) Kerr. She married William Union, and they probably came to Greenock in about 1856, when their surname (sometimes appearing as Onion) first appeared in the statutory records under Greenock. The death of four of her babies in three years may be an indication of the poor housing available to new immigrants at that time.

In 1881 Jane and her husband William were living at 4 St Lawrence Street. Jane's death, on 28th May 1882 at the home of her son William in 3 Crescent Street, Greenock, was certified as 'convulsion - sudden', possibly a result of a heart attack.

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