Peter McKechnie

Born 15.6. 1865 at East Greenock Certificate
Full Name Peter McKechnie .
Father Peter McKechnie Mother Jane McKechnie (ms McFarlane)
Christened . . at .
Married 10.11. 1889 to Martha Ann Wilson at West Ham. Essex Certificate
Children 1889/90 Jane Lydia b. Silvertown, West Ham[4]
. 1891 Jessie Wilson b. Greenock[4]; d. 1966[8]
. 1894/5 Richard Peter b. Silvertown, West Ham[4]; d. 1967[8]
. 1895/6 Selina Mary b. Tidal Basin, West Ham[4]; d. 1977[8]
. 1897/8 Agnes Isabel b. Canning Town, West Ham[4]
. 1901 Archibald George b. Tidal Basin, West Ham[4]; d. 1962[8]
. . Gertrude Beatrice b. Newcastle on Tyne; d. abt 1970[8]
. . Hector McDonald b. Newcastle on Tyne[8]
. . Martha Alexandra b. Newcastle on Tyne; d. 6.6.1966[8]
Died . 1942 at Newcastle on Tyne . Certificate

Peter was born in Greenock in 1865 to Peter and Jane McKechnie. In 1871 he was living at 12 West Blackhall Street, Greenock with his parents and siblings[1]. At the age of 16 (in 1881) he was described as a boilermaker, and was living with his sister Agnes and her family[2]. In 1889 he married Martha Wilson, from Alton in Staffordshire, and in 1890 they were living at Silvertown, West Ham, London where their first child Jane was born[4]. By 1891 they (or at least Martha) had returned to Greenock where their second daughter was born, and by 1895 were back at West Ham[4]. In 1901 they were living at Tidal Basin, West Ham, with by then six children[4].

. Peter in his middle years[8]. Peter aged 66, August 1931[8].

Sources: Census [1]1871, [2]1881, [3]1891, [4]1901; [8]memories of his children & grandchildren

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