Jim Peden

Born [2] ??.3. 1895 . at 11 Belville Street, Greenock 564/01.0292
Full Name James Peden  
Father John Peden Mother Jane Peden (m.s. Union)
Married [3] 7.6. 1927 to Jeanie Loudon at Ardrossan 576/02.0015
Children ?? Marion  
  ?? John  
Died [4] ??.??. 1951/2 at Huddersfield   Certificate

James Peden was born in 1895 to John and Jane Peden [1]. He was brought up in Greenock, and in 1927 he married Jeanie Loudon in Ardrossan [3]. They had two children, Marion and John [4, 5].

Jim in the merchant navy. Photo from Jim's newspaper obituary. .

Jim spent some time in the merchant navy [5]. In 1937 Jim moved to Huddersfield, where he was employed by I.C.I. [4]. He lived with his wife and family at 13 Stanley Road, Lindley [4]. He was a prominent worker at St. James' presbyterian church, Huddersfield, where he held the office of Session Clerk from 1950 until his death [4]. He was inducted to the Session in 1938, and from then until 1948 was Sunday School superintendant [4]. Jim was also a long-standing Freemason, and a member of the Cambodunium Lodge [4].

Jim died at the age of 56 in 1951 or early 1952 [4].

Sources: Census [1]1901; GRO [2]birth & [3]marriage records; [4]newspaper obituary; [5]family memories (J.McQ)

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