Stephen Dungate

Born 12.6. 1892 . at General Lying-in Hospital, York Road, Waterloo Certificate
Full Name Stephen Henry Dungate  
Father Stephen Dungate Mother Ada Lee
Christened ??. ???? at ??
Married ??. ???? to Maud Drinkwater at ?? Certificate
Children 1921 Stephen .
. ?? Opal .
Died 23.1. 1961 at ?? Certificate

Stephen Henry Dungate was born in 1892 in the General Hospital in York Road, Waterloo, near the south end of Waterloo Bridge. At the time, his family were living in Bermondsey. By 1901 when Stephen was eight, they had moved to Tennyson Road in South Wimbledon, and his father was dead.

. In the Army Medical Corps, about 1914. Stephen with son & daughter, about 1928. .

About 1920, Stephen married Maud Drinkwater, and they had a son Stephen and a daughter Opal.

With his son on holiday in about 1938. With son, daughter & car, about 1939. At the marriage of his son Stephen, May 1946.

Stephen Dungate died on of heart failure on 23rd January 1961, shortly after helping to push a broken-down lorry outside his house.

Sources: Census 1901; PRO birth record;

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