Samuel Union

Born . 1881 at Greenock Certificate
Full Name Samuel Union .
Father John Union Mother Margaret Union
Christened . . at .
Married 4.8. 1905 to Rachel Lafferty at Crawford's Hall, Charles Street, Greenock. Certificate
Children . Rachel .
  . Margaret .
  1913 John .
  . Samuel .
Died .   at   . Certificate

Samuel Union was born in 1881 in Greenock, probably at 13 Crescent Street in the east end of the town [1],[2]. By 1891, the family had moved to 3 Belville Street [2]. In 1901, Samuel was still living with his parents, now at 65 Belville Street, and he was an apprentice iron turner [3]. In 1902, his father emigrated to the USA, and on 5.2.1903, Samuel and his mother and siblings arrived at Ellis Island, New York on their way to join him [5].

In 1905 Samuel revisited Scotland with his mother Maggie to marry Rachel Lafferty [7], and on 19th August 1905 they left Glasgow to return to New York on the SS Astoria, accompanied also by Rachel's friend Mary. They arrived at Ellis Island on 28th August [5], Mary travelling under the name Mary Union to smooth her path through immigration [6]. Samuel and his new bride are wrongly stated on the Ellis Island ship's manifest to be single, and they are all said to be "Going Home, 213 37th St., Newport News, Va." [5].

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