John McKechnie

Born 16.10. 1872 . at Greenock Certificate
Full Name John McKechnie .
Father Nicol McKechnie Mother Agnes McKechnie (m.s. McKechnie)
Married 30.12. 1897 to Margaret Hendry at . Certificate
Children 1898 Nicol b. 3.10.1898 Greenock; d. 13.11.1898, enteritis
. 1899 Janet b. 16.9.1899 Greenock
. 1903 Agnes b. 5.3.1903 Greenock
. . . .
Died . . at .   Certificate

In 1891 at the age of 18, John was an apprentice boilermaker and lived with his parents at 51 Belville St, Greenock[2]. In 1897 he married Margaret Hendry, a widow, whose maiden name was Simpson[6]. Their first child Nicol was born in 1898 (named Michael on the birth certificate and later corrected)[5], but died of enteritis aged 6 weeks[7]. Their daughter Janet was born in 1899[5], and by 1901 they were living at 10 Hope Street in Greenock and John was a boilermaker[3]. In 1903 a second daughter, Agnes, was born[5].

. John photographed in Halifax, Novia Scotia in about 1900. .

John's photograph (above) was taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In later years he was known in the family as Jock, and was not known to his Wallace Street nephews except by name[4]. John was present at 21 Holmscroft Street (his brother Dugie's house) at the time of the death of his father Nicol in 1923[7].

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