Nicol McKechnie

Born [1] July? 1845 . at Lochgilphead?, Argyll Certificate
Full Name Nicol McKechnie .
Father John McKechnie Mother Flora McKechnie
Christened ??.??. ?? at .
Married [5] 8.12. 1871 to Agnes McKechnie at Mechanics Hall, Sir Michael St, Greenock Certificate
Children 1872 John Jock. b. 16.10.72
  1873 Peter b. 7.10.73. = Barbara Ferguson, son Nicol, Daughter Jean
  1877 Jean Jane McFarlane McKechnie? = Willie Bradley.
  1880 Flora Flora McIntyre McKechnie? m. Alex Thomson, children Alex Jim Dugie Harry Agnes.
  1881 Nicol Nicol Wilson McKechnie
  1883 James James Blair McKechnie (Jim)
  1886 Dugald .
  1890 Nan Agnes. Married George Shannon 6.1.1915, several children.
  1892 Chrissie Christina = John McGilp, daughter Nessie.
Died [6] 8.4. 1923 at 21 Holmscroft St., Greenock   Certificate

Nicol in a studio photograph taken around 1870 Nicol with his wife Agnes and their nine children, in a studio photograph taken probably in the late 1890s.

Nicol McKechnie was born in Lochgilphead, Argyll in 1845 [1]. At some time during his youth, he moved to live in the fast-developing town of Greenock, and by 1871 was living at 23 Ingleston Street [5]. On 5th May 1869, at the age of 24, he joined the barque "Stella" of Greenock as a Carpenter Seaman, travelling to Matanzas, Cuba, and returning to Greenock on 8th August 1869 [7]. Over the following eight years he made four more foreign voyages, to Mauritius, Newfoundland, India, and San Francisco [7].

Nicol on the Cowdenknowes Dam, Greenock with his yacht Caledonia, probably about 1910. Nicol taking a Sunday afternoon stroll. His companions are not identified.

On 8th December 1871, he was married to Agnes McKechnie at the Mechanics' Hall, Sir Michael Street, Greenock [5], and over the following 15-20 years she bore him 9 children [2,3,4]. In 1881 they were living at 17 Belville Street, Greenock, and by the mid 1880s they were living at 19 Belleville Street.

In his later years he applied his shipbuilding skills to model yachts. He won a model yacht competition on 2nd August 1913 with his 20 rater "Olga", and was photographed (date unknown, probably between 1900 and 1915) on Cowdenknowes Dam ('the Top Dam'), Greenock, with his yacht "Caledonia".

He died of heart failure at 9.05 p.m. on 8th April 1923 aged 77 [6].

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