Jacob Wiltshire

Born . 1834 at Vernham's Dean, Hants Certificate
Full Name Jacob Wiltshire .
Father Michael Wiltshire Mother Elizabeth Wiltshire (ms Coleman)
Christened 14.9. 1834 at Vernham's Dean, Hants
Married[9] . 1857 to Hannah Whitbread at Hungerford Certificate
Children 1857/8 Emily b. Vernham Dean
. 1865/6 Samuel b. Vernham Dean
. 1868/9 Annie b Newbury
. 1871/2 Elizabeth b Newbury
Died . . at . after 1901 Certificate

Jacob Wiltshire was born in 1834 in Vernham Dean, between Newbury and Andover in Hampshire. By 1841 he was living with his parents and siblings at Vernham Dean[1]. In early 1857 he married Hannah Whitbread[9], and in 1861 they were living at Vernham Bank with their daughter Ellen and Hannah's daughter Alice[3]. By 1881, Jacob was a grocer's porter, living with his wife and children in West Fields, just southwest of Newbury town centre beside the Kennett and Avon canal[5]. In 1901, he was still in Newbury, living alone in Bartholomew Street at the edge of West Fields, and working as a jobbing gardener[7].

Jacob in about 1900. Jacob with his son Samuel, probably beside the canal in Newbury. .

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