James & Maria Fagg's Family

James Fagg married Ann Belsey in about 1851 and had at least one daughter. About 1860 his wife Ann died, and at the time of the 1861 census he was a widower.

In 1865 James married Maria Cart. At the time of the census in 1871 they lived in Womenswold village with their first three children, James's daughter Jane and grandson John from his first marriage, his mother, and his sister Caroline and her son. By 1881 they had moved to The Street, Kingstone where they lived with their eight children.

Jane Elizabeth Fagg Born 16.2.1853 in Womenswold, Kent

Jane was born to James Fagg's first marriage. While she was still a child, her mother died, and in 1865 her father remarried. In September 1870 she gave birth to a son, John, whose father is unknown. In March 1871 she was still living in Womenswold with her father and his wife and children. She was employed as a servant at a house in the area.

Jane married John Sawkins, who in 1861 had been a childhood friend and neighbour in Womenswold, and by March 1881 they lived in Sutton at Hone with their 10 month old daughter Catherine, and Jane's son John, by then aged 10.

Thomas James Fagg Christened 19.8.1866 in Womenswold, Kent

Thomas joined the Royal Artillery, and in the 1880s was stationed in India. Married a Durham girl and went to live in Durham.

Frank Robert Fagg Christened 25.4.1869 in Womenswold, Kent

Frank was also in the Royal Artillery, and in the 1880s was stationed in India. He later worked on the railway, living in Dover. It is possible that Graham Fagg, the construction worker chosen to be the first Englishman through the channel tunnel on 1st December 1990, was one of his grandsons.

    Walter with his niece Rita, in about 1927.  
James Fagg Christened 26.3.1871 in Womenswold, Kent

Sources: Census 1901

Walter Fagg Christened 23.2.1873 in Womenswold, Kent

Walter never married, and lived for many years with his brother Frank in Dover. After the death of his brother George in 1938 he lived for a while with his sister-in-law Minnie in Lydd, until his own death from drowning in a dyke a year or so later.

For his three youngest nephews/niece, he was very much a favourite uncle.

John (Jack) Fagg Christened 19.4.1874 in Womenswold, Kent

Jack Fagg married Mary Woodland, whose father kept a pub near Hawkinge. Jack and Mary lived at Finglesham, west of Deal. Jack was a carpenter, and was reputed to have been one of the first men on the payroll of the Kent colliery at Betteshanger. He lived at Finglesham until his death in the 1950s.

Jack and Mary had six children. Jack's daughter Nellie played the violin; her instrument has been passed through the family and is now used by her cousin Rita's grandson. After Jack's death, his son Jack took over the house with his wife Daisy and their two children Pat and Alan.

Sources: Census 1901

Frederick Fagg Christened 22.8.1875 in Womenswold, Kent


George Christened 25.2.1877, Barham, Kent

George has his own page.

Alfred Christened 14.11.1880 in Kingston, Kent

Alf was married to Lizzie, and lived near Ramsgate. He walked with a limp, either due to injury or illness to his foot.


William lived in Folkestone. He never married.

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