Dugald McKechnie

Born ??.??. 1843 . at Glassary (Lochgilphead), Argyll Certificate
Full Name Dugald McKechnie  
Father John McKechnie Mother Flora McKechnie (born McIntyre)
Christened ??.??. ?? at ??
Married 31.12. 1868 to Jane Nicol at The Manse, Dysart, Fife Certificate
Children 1869 John b. Greenock 25.5.69. Later became a clerk?
  1871 Elizabeth  
  1873 Flora b. Greenock 22.6.73
  1875 Nicol b. Greenock.
  1877 Jane b. Greenock.
  1879 Mary b. Greenock.
  1880 Catherine b. Greenock.
  1883 Christina  
  1888 Dugald  
  1894 Donald Duncan = Ethel, children Evelyn and others.
Died 25.12. 1914 at 37 Nelson Street, Greenock Daughter Elizabeth present Certificate

Dugald McKechnie was born in Argyllshire to John and Flora McKechnie. He was 10 at the time of the 1851 census, and living with his parents and siblings at number 4 Castleton, two miles east of Lochgilphead. He moved to Greenock, and by 1868 was making his living as a carpenter or 'house joiner'. On 31st December 1868 he was married to Jane Nicol at Dysart, on the Fife coast, and one of the witnesses was his brother Nicol. By 1881 he and Jane had had 7 children, and they all lived at 4 Mount Pleasant Street in Greenock, though Dugald was away on census night.

This photograph was identified in the early 1960s by Dugald's nephew Dugald, as himself as a boy "with an uncle". The family likeness with the boy Dugald's father Nicol makes it almost certain that it is one of Nicol's brothers, either Dugald or William. (See family group on Nicol's page to see Nicol in the late 1890s, aged about 55.) If the boy is aged about 5, that dates the photograph to about 1891, when Dugald was 48 and William was 44. The man in the photo could easily be 44 or 48, so that is of little help in identifying which is in the photo. Another argument is that it may be more likely that young Dugald would be photographed with his namesake uncle ("young Dugie and auld Dugie"). Perhaps that puts the odds at 70% for Dugald and 30% for William, so we'll put the photo on this page.

Dugald and William probably both looked similar anyway!

In 1914, Dugald died in Greenock of a cerebral haemorrhage after 8 months illness, aged 71.

Sources: Census 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901

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